Prompt Engineering: AI Conversation Design (Practical Introduction)

Prompt Engineering – A Practical Introduction to AI Conversation

Unlock the fascinating world of AI conversation design with prompt engineering. If you’re excited to explore AI fundamentals, craft powerful prompts, and delve into ethical dimensions, this course is your gateway. It’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of AI conversation design.

Course Details: Prompt Engineering – A Practical Introduction to AI Conversation Design

Level: Basic

This half-day course provides participants with an introduction to the essentials of generative AI. Throughout the program, they will grasp the basics of AI and Large Language Models, discover the diverse applications of generative AI, and master the art of effective prompt design. Practical exercises and real-world scenarios will empower participants to apply these skills in business contexts. 

This course is ideal for:

  • Those looking to understand the fundamentals of AI conversation design. 
  • Those seeking to create effective prompts for various applications.
  • Those interested in enhancing their skills in prompt engineering.

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the Basics of AI and Large Language Models
    • Understand how AI systems use machine learning algorithms like deep learning to
      perform automated tasks.
    • Recognize the importance of prompt engineering in the context of generative AI and
      effectively using Large Language Models.
  • Grasp the Key Uses of Generative AI
    • Learn about the various capabilities of generative AI, such as generating text, classifying
      text, extracting from text, clustering, rewriting and translating, and summarizing.
  • Learn Principles of Good Prompt Design
    • Understand the elements of a good prompt, including clarity, specificity, context-setting,
      setting realistic constraints and managing output length and verbosity.
    • Learn about the concepts of “Temperature” and “Hallucination” in AI responses.
  • Apply Learning to Real Scenarios
    • Practice creating effective prompts based on different scenarios.
    • Apply prompt engineering principles to real-world business applications.
    • See a demo of advanced prompt engineering techniques like role plays.
  • Understand the Limitations and Ethical Considerations of LLMs
    • Reflect on and discuss some of the key issues in Generative AI like copyright
      infringement, data privacy, misinformation, biases and reliability.
  • Envision the future of Generative AI and its Applications
    • Understand the potential future applications of prompt engineering and Generative AI.
  • Participants must bring their laptops with Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome browsers, MS Excel and MS Word installed.
  • Participants must have an account with ChatGPT and Bard.

Course Information

courseinfo 20

No. of participants

Minimum: 10
Maximum: 25

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S$ 432
per participant


9am – 1pm

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Learn the art of crafting effective prompts with clarity, specificity, and context, and gain control over AI responses by understanding concepts like “Temperature” and “Hallucination.”

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