Data Analytics – An Overview in Stories

In this 1-day workshop, we introduce you to the world of analytics through examples, stories, and case studies. Apply your own insights and integrate your learnings into all functions within your organization for better decision making.

Course Details

Level: Basic

This is a basic awareness workshop designed for professionals without an analytics background. It gives you a good understanding of, and appreciation for, data analytics and how to use it effectively.

This workshop will introduce you to the world of analytics through examples, stories and case studies. We help you understand how analytics can be integrated in all functions for better decision making and you will also get multiple opportunities to apply your insights to come up with ideas on the applications of analytics within your respective teams.

We will also expose you to simple frameworks and widely used tools in analytics. We will de-mystify some of the ‘buzz’ words like machine learning / artificial intelligence and show you the intuitive thinking behind these techniques. The knowledge of these techniques will open a whole new way of approaching decision making from a data-driven perspective.

By the end of the workshop, you would have understood the importance of integrating data analytics in your decision making and would have also come up with ideas to apply analytics within your functions and teams.

A perceived ‘dry’ topic such as analytics will never be dull again.

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who are new to the space of data analytics
  • Employees at all levels in the organization (from junior executives to senior management)

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand what data analytics and the different types of data analytics is
  • Appreciate the key questions that analytics can answer
  • See examples of the applications of analytics across functions and industries
  • Learn 6 key steps in analytical decision making
  • Appreciate some of the common techniques used in predictive analytics and the intuitive thinking behind these techniques
  • Identify opportunities for the application of analytics within your organisation
  • Learn about the global trends in analytics and how they are impacting the world. See specific examples of how analytics is being applied in your sector.
  • Data Analytics – the big picture
  • Applications of analytics
  • Framework for analytical decision making
  • Overview of predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Demonstration of analytics using tools
  • Trends in analytics

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Corporate teams

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1 day

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Key highlights

No jargon

Our course is filled with relatable examples and stories, taking a layman approach to understanding analytics. We refrain from using jargon and theory. That’s why our participants find what they learn impactful, memorable and practical.

Demystifying AI/ML

We give participants an introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by teaching them the basic principles. It helps them grasp the key nuances and explore possible applications.


This course is suitable for middle and senior management professionals who may not be involved in hands-on data analytics, but need to grasp how analytics can help solve business problems.

Meet our trainers

Saurabh Anand

Director | Principal Trainer

Amrita Philips Anand

Director | Senior Trainer

Jessie Zhou

Associate Trainer

Mohammad Said

Associate Trainer

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