Welcome to Accord

Data is all around us, but we seldom notice it — whether it is in patterns of nature that we process subconsciously, or workplace decisions guided by real and empirical information. This powerful, yet unnoticed, fact is one of the cornerstones of Accord’s genesis. We help decision makers transition to using data consciously, to their advantage.

Accord was first established in 1983 in India to provide soft skills and leadership training. In 2009, Accord was launched in Singapore to offer these services to a wider demographic. By 2013-14, when organizational success became dependent on data literacy, we transitioned to data analytics training and consulting. We were among the first to equip companies to think analytically and drive decision-making through data.

by IBF

Accord was accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) in 2018, and is an IBF Standards accredited training provider. Our course, Analytics for Non-analytics Professionals, is accredited under the IBF Standards Training Scheme, which provides funding for direct training costs to organizations and individuals.

Our purpose

Our goal is to empower organizations and their professionals using data analytics, and new and emerging technologies. We design a range of courses, covering subjects like data analytics, data visualization, machine learning and AI to address skill requirements at each level within an organization. We also equip stakeholders to view challenges through a data lens, and effectively leverage data science methods to support business decision making.

Our strengths

We are business-oriented

We show organizations how data science and analytics is applicable to them, and how they can command it to act from a position of power.

We are participant-centric

To ensure that businesses get the most out of our courses, we tailor them keeping in mind the industry and participants’ role functions, be it mid-management or C-suite.

We go beyond instruction

Our experienced, highly-skilled trainers prioritize practical, actionable information and tools over textbook knowledge.

Our methodology

Practical. Future-ready. Actionable.

Our methodology ensures that participants intuitively start using data to develop sound strategies, make smarter decisions, predict outcomes more accurately and boost business efficiency.

 To achieve this, we customize courses as per the organization’s needs. We handpick relevant case studies, stories, and real-life and pop-culture references for seamless, yet deep understanding. We focus on building a strong foundation so that the key stakeholders within an organization can use data to glean business intelligence.

Our team

We are a team of highly-skilled trainers, domain experts and support personnel. Our team members bring in their own unique experiences and perspectives, working relentlessly to help us realize our purpose.

Saurabh Anand

Director | Principal Trainer

Amrita Philips Anand

Director | Sr. Trainer

Veronica Verghese

Sr. Manager | Administration

Amutha Sellamuthu

Sr. Manager | Sales

Jessie Zhou

Associate Trainer

Mohammad Said

Associate Trainer