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At Accord, we believe in getting organisations geared for the future by equipping them with the right tools. Our customised courses help stakeholders at various levels leverage data and new technologies to optimise operations, deploy effective strategies and make transformative decisions. Choose from the courses listed below or get in touch to customise a course for your organisation in Singapore.

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Analytics for Non-analytics Professionals (IBF: Level 3)

Level: Basic

This IBF-accredited course introduces professionals to the fundamentals of data analytics via relatable examples. It focuses on practical application, and equipping participants with the techniques and tools needed to effectively use data analytics at the workplace. A 2-day interactive course, it includes activities, practice exercises and brainstorming sessions.

Suitable for: Individuals & Corporates

Duration: 2 Days

Data Analytics – An Overview in Stories

Level: Basic

Learn the fundamentals of analytics through engaging stories.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 1 Day

Visual Analytics & Data Storytelling

Level: Intermediate

Master visualising, data analyzing and communicating data using charts and graphs via Tableau, Power BI or Excel.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

Level: Intermediate

Get an introduction to the principles that drive algorithms of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 1 Day

Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Level: Advanced

Work on prepared datasets and practise data modelling for predictive analytics through this course on machine learning principles, algorithms and more.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 2 Days

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Key highlights

IBF subsidy and Training Allowance Grant

Analytics for Non-analytics Professionals is an IBF accredited course. Eligible companies can sponsor Singapore citizens or PRs for it, and qualify for up to 90% subsidy per participant, in addition to a Training Allowance Grant of SGD 10 per hour, per participant.

Customizable for any sector

Our courses and consulting services are designed to provide value to public and private sector organisations, and even government agencies. We tailor them to the proficiency levels of your teams. Our case studies and examples draw from the universe of data that is relevant to your organisation to make it relatable and readily applicable.

100% retention rate

 Accord’s loyal client base includes leading organisations and Government agencies such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We are proud to have a 100% customer retention rate – every single client of ours has come back to us on a recurring basis.

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Why should I choose a customised data analytics course?

Every organisation has a different level of data literacy and a “one-size fits all” approach may not always work. Accord can work with organisations and teams to tailor courses to cater to an organisation’s / team’s specific needs.

Will the employees in my organisation be provided with a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes, certificates can be provided (for IBF accredited courses only) based on the organisation’s requirement.

What are the different programming languages and tools used with data analytics?

Some of the commonly used tools and software for data analytics include Tableau, Excel, R, SAS, Python, QlikView, etc. R and Python are also two of the most popular programming languages as they are open source.

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