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Our courses are designed for organizations to bridge the gap between analytics and business, because data is no longer the domain of specialists, but a necessity to boost productivity, efficiency and even revenue. From data analytics and visualization to machine learning and AI, we customize courses to help meet the learning objectives of participants of all skill levels. Our highly-skilled trainers use an interactive teaching methodology. They incorporate real-world examples, stories and pop-culture references to demystify data.

How you benefit

Identify data patterns quicker

Improve problem-solving skills

Decode & visualize data better

Make smarter business decisions

Make accurate predictions

Align teams within your company

Fuel career growth

Understand industry trends

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An understanding of data at all levels among all stakeholders inspires business growth. Through our data analytics, data visualization, and machine learning and AI courses, businesses can ensure digital literacy across levels, and forge a data culture that results in transformative strategies, decision-making and operations. Organizations can sponsor an individual or teams for our IBF-accredited foundational data analytics course, or contact us to customize a course to address specific needs.


Each stage of your career demands a unique skillset of you, but the need for data analytical thinking is constant. Your proficiency in understanding and using data efficiently will help you propel your career to the next level. Get started with our accredited courses, among which, our IBF-accredited workshop, Analytics for Non-analytics Professionals, is the most sought-after one. Individual participants can also request their companies to sponsor them for this course.

Courses we offer

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Analytics for Non-analytics Professionals (IBF: Level 3)

Level: Basic

This IBF-accredited course introduces professionals to the fundamentals of data analytics via relatable examples. It focuses on practical application, and equipping participants with the techniques and tools needed to effectively use data analytics at the workplace. A 2-day interactive course, it includes activities, practice exercises and brainstorming sessions.

Suitable for: Individuals & Corporates

Duration: 2 Days

Data Analytics – An Overview in Stories

Level: Basic

Learn the fundamentals of analytics through engaging stories.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 1 Day

Visual Analytics & Data Storytelling

Level: Intermediate

Master visualizing, analyzing and communicating data using charts and graphs via Tableau, Power BI or Excel.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

Level: Intermediate

Get an introduction to the principles that drive algorithms of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 1 Day

Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Level: Advanced

Work on prepared datasets and practise data modelling for predictive analytics through this course on machine learning principles, algorithms and more.

Suitable for: Corporate teams

Duration: 2 Days

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Our approach

As the tools needed by various stakeholders differ, our services too are customized to provide relevant knowledge. From awareness talks geared at building data literacy and hands-on sessions with middle management, to facilitation sessions with top management to implement new strategies, our approach covers all levels to drive a digital transformation. It is shaped by the vision of our clients.

Introducing the big picture

To build a data-first culture, we hold seminars and talks to promote data literacy and analytics awareness.

Laying the right foundations

We conduct training that emphasizes on the basics of analytics: clean data collection, using data tools, grouping data, and creating visual representations.

Demonstrating how to use data

We teach mid-management how to read data, glean insights from it, identify possible outcomes and ultimately present data in a meaningful manner.

Guiding strategic thinking

We facilitate C-suites of companies to use data insights and build effective strategies, detail workflows and make decisions while minimizing the margin of error.

Our clients

Meet our trainers

Saurabh Anand

Director | Principal Trainer

Amrita Philips Anand

Director | Senior Trainer

Jessie Zhou

Associate Trainer

Mohammad Said

Associate Trainer