Unlock Big Data Analysis with Pivot Tables in Excel

Harness the power of data for smarter decision-making.

When you’re dealing with millions, or even billions, of data points, Excel can seem like a blunt tool.

The good news?

In the age of Big Data, making informed decisions requires more than a basic understanding of Excel. It needs comprehensive data analysis tools. That’s where pivot tables come into play.

Alongside our step-by-step guide to using pivot tables, you’ll receive a sample Excel sheet with a case study exercise for big data analysis. You’ll see firsthand how pivot tables can transform your data analysis and decision-making process.

At Accord, we’ve created a comprehensive guide plus a sample Excel sheet with a case study exercise for big data analysis to help you leverage the power of Pivot Table Analysis!

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    Pivot Tables at Accord Training

    By downloading our guide, you gain access to insightful tutorials and a sample of Big Data in an Excel sheet.

    Our guide simplifies complex data analysis, enabling you to uncover relationships and patterns with ease. Make data-driven decisions and create concise, informative summary reports in no time. It covers the basic (but critical) Excel skills of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

    What you get?

    With our guide, you’ll:

    • Understand the power and potential of pivot tables in Excel.
    • Get hands-on experience with our sample Big Data in Excel sheet.
    • Learn through practical tutorials and exercises.
    • Make better, data-driven decisions.
    • Create summary reports to reveal key relationships and patterns.

    Become a master of Big Data analysis. Start your journey with us today.